Updates and release notes

Release Notes

DelegateManager™ Updates


April 2020


Release: Update codebase

Upgraded framework code base for improve security and resilience

By Graham Stewart on 29 April 2020 Patch


Release: Minor amends throughout DelegateManager

Multiple (minor only) updates to the DelegateManager service

By Graham Stewart on 17 April 2020 Patch

September 2019


Release: Added email exemptions for user types

Added two new settings for the Dashboard which include the ability for certain user types to not receive any emails whilst registering - this would be specifically good for users that have already registered on another system and are just inputting data to DelegateManager. We have also added another setting that allows users to attend multiple events

By Graham Stewart on 02 September 2019 Patch

August 2019


Release: Minor changes to settings options

There have been several minor changes to the settings module - including printer settings and minor bug fixes

By Graham Stewart on 29 August 2019 Patch

June 2019


Release: Changes to Dashboard UI

We've made some visual changes to the dashboard user interface. The general functionality is the same, changes have been made to colours and general aesthetics alone.

By Graham Stewart on 07 June 2019 Patch

February 2019


Release: Updates to Printer scripts

Updates to patch fix for printer code scripts that enable onsite printing via dashboard

By Graham Stewart on 18 February 2019 Patch


Release: Print badges via dashboard

Added the ability to print delegate badges during check-in on site

By Mark Nicoll on 07 February 2019 Patch

January 2019


Release: Export data ordering

Data downloads with specific user questions, are now displayed in the order they are asked to the delegates - making your data collation that little bit simpler

By Graham Stewart on 29 January 2019 Patch


Release: Export specific user types

Data exports can now be segmented per user type, so if your system holds different delegate journeys (speaker journeys, exhibitor staff or just segmented delegate audiences), you can now download these individually as well as a mass download option

By Graham Stewart on 17 January 2019 Patch

December 2018


Release: Pre-approval process

Although it was available as a light feature a few months ago, our pre-approval process is now fully integrated into DelegateManager - so if you want to control who is allowed to come to your event, pre-approval gives you that control, and allows you to bulk approve delegates - just like that.

By Graham Stewart on 05 December 2018 Patch

October 2018


Release: New feature - Delegate Discussions

Want to spark some conversation pre or post event? Delegate Discussions allows groups of delegates to discuss topics, in an open forum within the platform - in a familiar social-media(esk) way, within an easy to use interface. Delegate Discussion allows delegates to post topics, like and follow discussions.

By Mark Nicoll on 01 October 2018 Patch

August 2018


Release: Secure registration system

Sometimes you don't want the public to stumble upon your registration system - so we've added a simple filter, to weed out unwanted visitors, by adding a token to your url. Only those in-the-know can register for your event.

By Graham Stewart on 31 August 2018 Patch


Release: Booking cancellation via email or calendar

Want to give your delegates more control over their bookings? They can now cancel bookings straight from their confirmation email or calendar entry - putting the power back into their hands.

By Graham Stewart on 21 August 2018 Patch

July 2018


Release: New feature - delegate feedback surveys

We know a lot of event organisers finish-up an event with a post-event email linking to a survey - enter DelegateManager Feedback. Capture your delegate's feedback on your event easily, anonymously or not. Split your survey into multiple pages or keep it in one - in all the usual question types. Our feature also links into our CPD certificate generation service, so if you want to, you can put a bit of incentive being the survey. All your event data - stored in the same place!

By Graham Stewart on 06 July 2018 Patch


Release: New feature - send SMS reminders

A brand new feature that helps to create a greater attendance level at your event! If you're capturing your delegates mobile number, you can quickly send them an one-way SMS message the day(s) prior to your event. A simple solution that requires you to only write a message and choose which delegates should receive the message. While this service is a paid service, the costs are very low (about £3.00 per 100 messages). To get your event set-up with SMS, speak to one of support team today

By Kyriakos Zenonos on 06 July 2018 Patch

January 2018


Release: Change Notifications

As we approach the UKs enrolment in the EU's General Data protection Regulations, we're going to be making several changes in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions – so we've updated our system to notify Dashboard users whenever any changes have been made.

By Graham Stewart on 29 January 2018 Patch


Release: New feature - Badge notifications

We soft launched badging on our system in October, but we wanted to try to speed up on-site registration to be as efficient as possible, so we created badge notification. A page designated to alert your badging staff once a delegate has checked in. You can filter the notifications to an alphabet reg.

By Kyriakos Zinonos on 29 January 2018 Patch


Release: Added Conditional Questions feature

A new feature to our questions component, you can now make questions only show depending on the specific answer of a previous question. This was achievable in the system before only with manual intervention form the technical team, so we've integrated with into our dashboard so users can to build their registration system, without any additional help.

By Graham Stewart on 29 January 2018 Patch


Release: Migrating Event Specific Questions to Universal Questions Component

We've now migrated all questions that can be created and asked to delegates (via Dashboard) to our Questions component, so now there won't be conflicting functionality and styles.

By Graham Stewart on 29 January 2018 Patch

October 2017


Release: New feature - Badge printing

You can now automatically download a delegates badge direct from the system to print prior to the event or on-site. A Label only version is also available for quick onsite printing. Each system has a customisable badge template.

By Kyriakos Zinonos on 10 October 2017 Patch

September 2017


Release: New Feature - Secure pages

We've added a new features to pages, now allowing a secure only access toggle, so if you're using DelegateManager for post-event information - but that information isn't for public consumption - secure pages will solve this. The system works on token encryption, so we can even bypass the access page and skip straight to the content if the link is defined correctly.

By Graham Stewart on 13 September 2017 Patch

August 2017


Release: Bug fix in admin - Auto Create SSL Certificate

Bug fix in the Admin system for premium users. Fix allows newly generated systems to append the DelegateManager SSL wildcard certificates to the subdomain on the fly.

By Graham Stewart on 10 August 2017 Patch


Release: Update to Booking Progress

Minor update the booking Progress feature, making it more manageable from theme to theme

By Callum Rocks on 10 August 2017 Patch


Release: New Feature - Integration with Stripe and PayPal

DelegateManager is now fully integrated with Stripe and PayPal, so we can now more efficiently take payments for ticket events. Feature includes full integration into the event make-up with both Stripe and PayPal, with the options to include either or both in the booking process and discount coupons can also be added to each event's ticket.

By Kyriakos Zinonos on 10 August 2017 Minor


Release: Security updates

Minor amends to tighten security. These include strict rules on session cookies and HTTP requests, restriction on file directory browsing, restrictions on XSS

By Graham Stewart on 10 August 2017 Patch

June 2017


Release: Dashboard Statistics updates

Added two great new features to dashboard statistics; Weekly 7 day review Shows you the amount of registrations you've had in the last seven days – in a easy to view line graph. Registration questions review Select any question you've posed to delegates to view a pie chart of the results. (Note, this doesn't currently work for text or textarea inputs) We've also separated event statistics to show all active events first making it easier to see the events your interested in first.

By Graham Stewart on 12 June 2017 Patch

February 2017


Release: Pass additional sign up and event questions to auto confirmation

Adds custom sign up questions (UserTypeVariables) and event specific questions (EventTypeQuestions) to auto confirmation email

By Graham Stewart on 27 February 2017 Patch


Release: Amend 'Booking Status' labels

Change Booking Status labels, and include an [X] to pass through the amount of spaces left, i.e. change 'Limited Spaces Available' to 'Only 12 Spaces Left'

By Graham Stewart on 21 February 2017 Patch


Release: Delegate Look up Feature

Pass a CSV of your original invite list into DelegateManager dashboard, and we'll export you a list based on who hasn't registered, and even label when Delegates haven't completed booking

By Kris Grint on 21 February 2017 Patch


Release: Stop delegates leaving mid-registartion

Improvements to stop delegates leaving during registration, including Javascript warning when user attempts to leave without booking

By Graham Stewart on 20 February 2017 Patch


Release: Improvements to system to handle large volumes of data

Several changes to admin system and server changes to handle data of more than 6000 users within 1 single instance

By Kris Grint on 07 February 2017 Patch


Release: Improvements to event attendee downloads

Rewritten and refactored feature to make it quicker and more efficient. Also implemented download protection, so all downloads and zip password protected.

By Kris Grint on 01 February 2017 Patch


Release: View incomplete bookings

Admin users can view incomplete bookings (users that have created an account, but not booked a specific event to attend) and download this data.

By Kris Grint on 01 February 2017 Patch

January 2017


Release: Extended download capabilities

Added more downloadable data for admin users, including email feature and dashboard statistics

By Kris Grint on 25 January 2017 Patch


Release: Email Campaigning Feature

Using CampaignMonitor's platform, DelegateManager's integrated Email platform allows admin users to create send campaigns including Invites / Chaser Invites / Pre and Post event emails

By Kris Grint on 23 January 2017 Minor

December 2016


Release: Added User Type Options

Added Event Capacity to be defined per User Types

By Graham Stewart on 22 December 2016 Patch

November 2016


Release: Enabled Event Questions

updates the Event Questions so now these questions can be asked by the delegates as and when required

By Graham Stewart on 17 November 2016 Patch


Release: User Upload

Added feature for delegates to upload content via Additional Questions for User / Event variables

By Kris Grint on 17 November 2016 Patch


Release: Added attendance certificate generation

Users now have the ability to generate and send via email certificates of attendance to delegates who have been checked in to an event.

By Kris Grint on 10 November 2016 Minor


Release: Added system cloning

Users now have the ability to clone an existing instance within SysAdmin. Also, updated FontAwesome icons framework to latest version 4.7.0

By Graham Stewart on 02 November 2016 Patch

October 2016


Release: Extension to Options

Made serveral additions to the options model, including; Force Close Sign-up, Enable Access Details Email, API Integrations using Crowd Comms 'Add Attendee' (with the relevant actions in the UserController to action API call), Downloadable Data Password for encrypting CSV files (actual encryption still to be done), DelegateManager Registration App settings (Options currently set to disabled)

By Graham Stewart on 30 October 2016 Patch


Release: SysAdmin updates

Changed several items on SysAdmin including functions to delete / archive / unarchive systems

By Graham Stewart on 30 October 2016 Patch


Release: User login

Fixed bug (issue#5) so users are able to receive passwords without being encrypted. This required setting new method for userIdentity auto login once sign-up is completed

By Graham Stewart on 30 October 2016 Patch


Release: Notifications

Refactored all notifications into more scalable widget solution. This also included the addition of completing all notification checkpoint for Slack integration, and adding Email notifications and completing all checkpoints for these.

By Graham Stewart on 30 October 2016 Patch


Release: Added new statistics page

Added new statistics page along with several minor changes throughout, and several bug fixes

By Graham Stewart on 06 October 2016 Patch

August 2016


Release: Added Help Centre

Added the module 'helpcenter' which allows admin users and guest users to view the Help Centre documentation

By Graham Stewart on 31 August 2016 Patch

July 2016


Release: On Site reg for sessions

Added sessionAttend facility for on-site registration and admin booking

By Graham Stewart on 14 July 2016 Patch


Release: Bug - session over capacity

Fix bug with session which blocks over capacity session.

By Graham Stewart on 14 July 2016 Patch


Release: Fully functional Session bookings

Added session bookings to user side so true group -> event -> session sequence can work

By Graham Stewart on 14 July 2016 Patch


Release: Download data error

Fixed bug for download data compiling user registration additional questions with user and booking tables

By Graham Stewart on 14 July 2016 Patch


Release: Registration start and end dates for user infromation

Added event onsite registration start and end dates for user information

By Alex Laidlaw on 14 July 2016 Patch


Release: AddEvent calendar URL

Added event calendar url, allowing DelegateManager to capture AddEvent calendar url

By Alex Laidlaw on 14 July 2016 Patch

May 2016


Release: EventAttendee Dynamic events

Added EventAttendee 'Check-In' to use dynamic events Minor changes to views - exportPage / adminByEvent, Minor changes to css help button move more prominent Minor changes to Controllers - site / user Options - added Overwrite Email Sender name / upload site image / upload email image

By Graham Stewart on 08 May 2016 Patch


Release: Added Two-Form Authentication to SysAdmin area

Added access token functionality to sysadmin login, creating two form authentication for additional sysadmin security

By Graham Stewart on 08 May 2016 Patch

April 2016


Release: Added required fields to user registration

Added required fields to user registration for can now do required fields for both user base questions and additional user questions (UserTypeVariables). Also added views for admin to see lists of all additional user questions (userVariables). Also added JS WebShim for browsers that don't support the required field

By Graham Stewart on 05 April 2016 Patch

March 2016


Release: Added stages to user registration

Added user registration stages to inform users how many stages are in each registration process

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Added quick registration functionality

Added Quick registration functionality when no booking options are available to the user admin add admin announcements

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Minor


Release: Fixed User Reg DOB field

Fixed issue with user registration Date of Birth custom fields. Issue of date formatting into the split day/month/year format on record update

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Add Calendar feature

Added Settings option for downloadable Calendar using ‘AddMyEvent’ feature

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Added Announcements feature

Added announcements feature which allows admin users to communicate directly to delegates how visit the site. This feature also has a toggle for sensitive information only available to registered delegates

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Minor


Release: Required fields for Additional registration questions

Enabled ‘Additional registration questions’ required fields

By Alex Laidlaw on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Added Groupings to Event Attendees

Added functionality to group event attendees. Added count for each group in Event Attendee Groups.

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Added to Settings options

Added Settings option for ‘Landing Page Image’ placement options

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch


Release: Added Changelog and Auth

Added Change Log functionality and added User authentication to System admin

By Graham Stewart on 31 March 2016 Patch